My Alter Athlete aims to help all fathers find their inner athlete. Whether you want to take part in your local weekly park run, your first Ironman, or anything in between; we’re here to help you achieve your goal. 

As fathers, I don’t believe there is enough support for us to know exactly what to expect when the baby arrives and how to deal with certain situations and circumstances. There are now other priorities in life, not just ourselves, and it is important that we take care of our family. But, this comes at the cost of our own time and personal interests, which can often be difficult for the father (and mother), particularly when we want to be fit and healthy and ready to run around with our children as they grow up.

Sleepless nights, countless feeds, nappy changes, the hours and hours spent trying desperately to get baby to sleep so that we can get our head down before they waken again, not to mention full time work. How do we find the time to keep fit, train, and compete in endurance events?

Never easy, always possible.

My Alter Athlete work’s with you one-to-one to help you find balance, integrate structure, and manage your time appropriately so that you can train hard and compete in endurance events regularly while maintaining a healthy family life.

No fees, no bullsh*t, just here to help.

If you would like to work with us, get in touch!

Shall we get started?

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